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Aviation Project Management Specialist / Team Leader

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Aviation Project Management Specialist / Team Leader

Contract type

Fixed term contract

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Job description


 Liaise with the IPMU team
 Review available data and studies related to Project
 In collaboration with the IPMU, assess, identify and plan the needs for delivering the outputs
 Plan, lead and manage the Project Management Consultant team for the effective delivery of Project from inception to completion and to ensure the PMC team's performance meets the expectations of GoTL and the Development Partners
 Take responsibility for the overall PMCl project delivery of the technical and project management outputs and financial performance in accordance with the ToR
 Coordinate and supervise all tasks performed by the PMC consultant team and also work closely with IPMU and other GoTL staff, other consultants appointed by GoTL or Development Partners for delivering the project
 Responsible to work with and support the IPMU in decision making and provide technical inputs to the IPMU in all areas of the PMC‟s ToR
 Oversight all the production of outputs by the PMC project management, design and airport management and operation advisory teams, including reviewing and verifying documents prepared by the consultant team
 Act as a lead interface between the PMC and the IPMU and between the PMC and other consultants engaged on the Project
 Take responsibility for organizing and delivering presentations, workshops, meetings
etc. necessary for satisfying stakeholders‟ requirements, and
 Assist in capacity building of the IPMU team and relevant staff of GoTL agencies – ANATL and AACTL


General Qualifications

  • Degree in Civil Engineering or Transportation planning or Project Management or Construction Management
  • Master's degree in Airport Planning and or Construction management
    Relevant Experience
  • Minimum 20+ years of professional experience in infrastructure planning, design and
    project management and holds a professional association with any recognised institution
  • 15 years‟ relevant leadership experience in the planning, design, operations and
    management and delivery of major civil and structural works projects including
    having worked as a Team Leader on at least two international airport development
    projects and as an expert on at least three international airport development projects
    involving airside and terminal development in developing countries
  • Experience in procurement of consultants and contractors and administering projects
    governed by FIDIC conditions of contract
  • Experience in coordinating and integrating the work of all pertinent disciplines,
    including planners, architects, civil, structural, mechanical and electrical engineering,
    management of environmental and social impacts, sustainability and climate change
  • Experience at coordinating the inputs of multiple government agencies and
    communicating with external stakeholders in developing countries
  • Experience of team development with knowledge transfer
  • Excellent language skills in English

Country Experience

  • At least three years international experience
  • Prior experience in developing countries desirable
  • Leadership experience in the delivery of projects to the standards and procedures of the major international development finance institutions

Position location

Job location

Asia, Indonesia



Candidate criteria

Minimum level of education required

5-Master of Arts / Master of Science

Minimum level of experience required

Over 10 years