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Nuclear Project Director M/F

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Position description

Job title

Nuclear Project Director M/F

Contract type

Permanent contract

Business Line specific context

As part of the Energy & Sustainable Cities business line, the Nuclear Service Line has conducted major and complex engineering and construction management project for the main nuclear stakeholders in France and around the world.

Our expertise has been continuously enriched by the lesson-learnt from 70 years of operations in the nuclear sector, especially zin the past 10 years through innovative complex projects shaping the renewal of the Nuclear Industry.

Provide our clients with world-class expertise, including the most advanced methods for conception, construction follow-up and operations is the DNA of Egis Nuclear Service Line.

Egis is looking for a Nuclear Projects Director, based in Warsaw, Poland to lead the projects and offers a portfolio of projects in Poland.

Job description

Key Role: Working under the management of the International Director for Nuclear Power, the Nuclear Project Director is responsible for managing a portfolio of projects and offers produced in Poland for the Nuclear Service Line, both for the local and international nuclear market.

Role in developing offers
To develop offers for the nuclear Polish nuclear market and/or contribute to the international offers

  • Assess and control the budget and the planning required to produce the offer, in accordance with the tender specifications.
  • Identify the technical competencies required for the offer and engage the stakeholders to get an efficient offer production.
  • Lead and coordinate the proposals, including technical teams, the tender unit, the financial and legal departments both in Poland and France
  • Ensure the adequate level of nuclear safety requirements are implemented in the offer
  • Identify and address the specific needs of the client in cooperation with the business development team and nuclear management.
  • Contribute in writing the proposals for the chapters in the fields of expertise
  • Take ownership and ensure the global coherence of the offer, both on technical and financial aspects

Role in managing and delivering the projects
To manage the projects in portfolio and/or to steer the local production teams delivering for international projects
-Ensure the initiation phase of the project

  • Develop project management plan and quality plan
  • Mobilize the project team and coordinate with the global nuclear SL resources and the local sourcing unit
  • Prepare the internal and external consortium/contractual agreement to deliver the project
  • Set all the performance tasks required by the Performance Management System
    -Execute and monitor the project in accordance with the project management system
  • Ensure the project delivery in respects with the quality, cost and schedule performance
  • Manage the risks of the project
  • Manage the delivery teams
  • Manage the nuclear safety requirements and implement a quality assurance and nuclear safety behavior within the teams
  • Manage the changes and evolutions
  • Ensure the right level of financial indicators (Turnover, Profitability & cash flow)
  • Manage the contractual relationships with the clients
    -Close the project
  • Close the contract from the technical, legal and financial aspects
  • Ensure the lesson learnt is captured and will benefit to the next offers and project for the Nuclear Service Line


Leadership Style:

a)Develop a strategic vision for the offers and projects produced and/or delivered in Poland, aligning with the overall goals of the Nuclear Service Line & Poland entitees.

b)Make informed and timely decisions that align with Service Line objectives, taking into account engineering, safety, and regulatory considerations.

c)Maintain transparent and open communication with all stakeholders, including Nuclear Service Line Management and Poland counrty Management

d)Participate to the Nuclear Service Line international development and capitalization, including supporting other regions

e)Provide effective leadership to the offer and project team, fostering collaboration and a shared commitment to safety and quality.

Nuclear SL Guidance implementation

  • Compliance Oversight: Ensure strict adherence to all applicable nuclear regulations and standards, overseeing regulatory compliance in all nuclear engineering activities.
  • Nuclear Safety Culture: Promote and sustain a robust nuclear safety culture within the engineering team, emphasizing the importance of safety in all aspects of ENEI operations.
  • Establishing and Enhancing QMS: Develop, implement, and continuously improve a comprehensive Quality Management System for ENEI joint venture.
  • Contribute to the capitalization: Collect and spread the lesson-learnt from the offers and projects through the capitalization process and the team working of the

Key skills:

  • Business/Client Awareness
  • Building Relationships
  • Problem Solving
  • Delivering Results and Performance
  • Team Player
  • Decision-Making Ability


Qualification & Experience

  • Master degree in Engineering
  • Polish/English language required, French is a plus
  • 10-15 years as a project manager in a nuclear context alternatively in design industry of complex engineering structures


Position location

Job location

Europe, Poland



Candidate criteria

Minimum level of education required

6-Engineer’s degree

Minimum level of experience required

Over 10 years


  • Polish (3- Independant - Business fluent)
  • English (3- Independant - Business fluent)