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Egis is an international player active in the consulting, construction engineering and mobility service sectors.
We design and operate intelligent infrastructure and buildings capable of responding to the climate emergency and helping to achieve more balanced, sustainable and resilient territorial development.
With operations in 120 countries, Egis places the expertise of its 18,000 employees at the disposal of its clients and develops cutting-edge innovation accessible to all projects.
Improving people's quality of life and supporting communities in their social and economic development, whilst drastically reducing carbon emissions and achieving vital 2050 net zero targets, that's our purpose.



Position description

Job title

Project Manager M/F

Contract type

Permanent contract

Job description

The Project Manager ensures that the clients’ demands and objectives are
met by getting the project completed on time and within budget.

He organizes project team members as per the specifications and requirements of the project, and works with cost controllers and project completion of project sub-tasks.
Operational Duties & Responsibilities:
- Abides by company by-laws including policies and procedures and proposes changes to the above when necessary.
- Abides by the authorities granted to the position as per the delegation of authority structure and any formal changes thereto.
- Manages the project technically and contractually, organizes, plans, schedules, and controls the field work, minimizes extra costs for changes requested by the client.
- Develops and modifies the project control system (i.e. forms...etc) to match the requirements of the project over many contractors for different trades packages.
- Interviews potential external consultants/contractors short listed to form part of a project team.
- Attends Management Committee meetings and Chairs management, progress and special project meetings.
- Takes executive decisions as required by the nature of the ongoing construction needs, except on those matters which need to be discussed with the client before any action can be taken.
- Complies with the clauses & requirements of all contract documents agreed between the client and all other parties (Consultant and Contractor) and act accordingly. Accordingly should be fully aware of all contractual details
- Issues necessary letters to and replies to received letters from all parties working on the project in accordance to Contract documents.
- Advises and directs the client on the correct path on contractual and technical matters.
- Establishes brief with client and design team
- Establishes and maintains the project handbook, project execution plan and procedures manual
- Leads and manages project procurement, delivery and commissioning
- Liaises with key stakeholders
- Controls all project budgets including consultants fees
- Leads and manages the production of project documentation
- Advises on construction/contract/cost aspects of building work.
- Prepares general reports and recommendations to clients
- Advises on procurement and program issues
- Develops feasibility studies
- Identifies appropriate consultants and set up design/project delivery teams
- Identifies and resolves project issues
- Establish and maintain project risk registers
- Manages submission and negotiations of proposals to local authorities and local planning authorities.
- Manages the preparation of and prepare tender and contract documents.
- Undertakes contract administration, valuation and certification.
- Negotiates contracts with contractors
- Implements project change control
- Ensures compliance with quality management principles and processes
- Produce


Educational Background:
B.Sc. Civil Engineering or Architecture, M.Sc. preferred

Years of Experience: Minimum 15 years of experience

Position location

Job location

Middle-East/North Africa, Qatar



Candidate criteria

Minimum level of education required

6-Engineer’s degree

Minimum level of experience required

Over 10 years