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Project Control Director M/F

Contract type

Permanent contract

Business Line specific context

Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, along with a significant investment in housing and infrastructure development promoted across the country by local authorities, are revitalizing the construction industry and generating interest in a growing number of international players.

The urban construction sector is the largest contributor to the construction sector expansion, with  thousands of active projects valued.

Egis has a presence of over the last years in Saudi Arabia, during which it has been a key partner in providing engineering services for large infrastructure developments including Riyadh Metro, Riyadh Airport, Green Riyadh, AMAALA Airport, among others...


Job description

The Project Control Director is responsible for the overall project management function, providing leadership, integration and management of project processes and functions to improve the consistency and efficiency of the project delivery. He/she is responsible for establishing and running the project with the objective of ensuring all tasks are delivered using a ‘best-practice’ Project Delivery Approach and are delivered within the agreed scope, time, cost and quality.

 • Define the project strategy and lead the design and implementation of the project management methodology, standards and tools to drive and facilitate the successful delivery of each tasks and overall program;
• Manage interdependencies and coordination across the various packages to ensure that information relating to project deliverables, risks and issues are effectively communicated between stakeholders and that key performance indicators are monitored and evaluated;
• Identify and define the major strategic issues for the project and integrate client interests to inform the development and prioritization of packages initiatives and to proactively understand and mitigate risks;
• Integrate all IT, dashboard and KPI’s data to the reporting process and sharing processes with the client
• Define strategies and organizational policies to enable the strategic coordination of multiple major packages and initiatives to improve efficiency and effectiveness of project;
• Foster collaborative and mutually supportive relationships with package leaders, assess cross-functional project team capability, provide coaching and support to enhance the project management performance;
• Ensure a clear and consistent approach is in place to manage risk with alignment to the finance & business risk;
• Ensure packages have requirements documented and agreed to ensure that project activity meets agreed project objectives;
• Ensure detailed project, implementation or actions plans are created for the duration of each task as appropriate;
• Ensure monitoring of progress against all tasks is timely and accurate and enables client and stakeholders have visibility and sufficient information to make the required decisions,
• Draft and provide all related reports related to the client;
• Ensure risks, issues and dependencies are being recorded, monitored and proactively managed to minimize disruption to successful delivery;
• Ensure a robust process of notification or escalation is in place to report on both underspend and potential overspend with the appropriate approvals sought for either situation;
• Prepare, or support the team, to tender specifications for the external commissioning of work packages as delivery components of projects where appropriate;
• Track and monitor benefits realization against planned targets;
• Ensure post project reviews are in place and include lessons learnt exercises which identify both positive and negative outcomes to be actioned.


  • Minimum 20 years of experience in managing engineering design development, construction practices, economic principles, international codes, standards, procedures and specifications.
  • Ability to meet cost, time and quality objectives when delivering projects;
  • Deliver solution milestones delivered against plan;
  • Adoption of Project Management processes and governance across the key business areas;
  • Production of consistent project artefacts such as project plans, status reporting and financial reporting;
  • Experience in mega-project/program;
  • Experience on mega infrastructure/building/architectural projects is preferred;
  • Must have experience at senior management/director level as well as having extensive experience in client facing roles.
  • Leadership Skills

Position location

Job location

Middle-East/North Africa, Saudi Arabia



Candidate criteria

Minimum level of education required

6-Engineer’s degree

Minimum level of experience required

Over 10 years