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Deputy Project Manager - East Africa

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Egis is a global consulting and engineering firm working in construction, transport and mobility services. Our mission: create and operate intelligent infrastructure and buildings to further the transition to a low-carbon economy and contribute to more balanced and sustainable territorial development.
To support our growth dynamic, we offer a wide variety of career opportunities in more than 100 countries.
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Position description

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Deputy Project Manager - East Africa

Contract type

Volunteer for International Experience

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Business Unit specific context

The International Regions Business Unit (BURI) operates within a specific geographical perimeter in which it is responsible for developing local skills and ensuring the geographical coherence of the Group's strategy and development.


With more than 1,000 employees worldwide, the International Regions BU is present in 3 regions (Africa, Asia, Europe) and manages contracts in around 50 countries in several business areas.

Job description

As Deputy Project Manager for the East Africa Region, your responsabilities include assisting in the review and updating of exiting systems and policies :

o    Assist the Director of Operations to manage the projects within the Region;

o    Cooperate with the Director of Operations in the review, monitoring and revision of Quality and Cost Control Systems and updating of existing system and process;

o    Assist in the preparation and monitoring of Project Schedules and cost control including the optimization of margins;

o    Coordinate with the Director of Operations and the Business Development Unit in the identification and development of existing Client Relationships and assisting in the development of new client relationships.


More specifically your tasks include : 

o    Participating in the input for new tenders by providing assistance to the Tender Unit / Director of Operations in the development of the Technical Methodologies; Budget Costs, and identification of Team members;

o    Assisting in the negotiations, pre-planning and mobilisation activities for new Projects;

o    Coordinating the close-out of completed projects, and the formulation of ‘lessons learnt’ and their adoption and implementation;

o    Regular travel to projects within the region (currently Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, and Tanzania for technical and contractual follow up with the Team Leaders;

o    Providing technical, financial and contractual assistance to Projects Resident Engineers and Team Leaders;

o    Ensuring coordination between the project teams with the HO Human Resources and Financial teams;

o    Monitoring and review of the projects compliance with cost, timeframe and quality requirements;

o    Assisting in the preparation and review of project reports;

o    Liaising with superior to make decisions for operational activities and set strategic goals;

o    Planning and monitoring of the day-to-day running of business to ensure smooth progress;

o    Supervising staff and providing constructive feedback;


Graduated from a civil engineering degree or equivalent, you have an excellent written/verbal communication skills in English.

Required skills :

o    Ability to Demonstrate Exceptional Organisation and Planning Skills;

o    Strong Organisational skills;

o    Analytical skills to evaluate data and make operational decisions;

o    Commitment to Providing the Highest Level of Support and Quality;

o    Ability to Work as part of a Team.



As a reminder, the Volunteering for International Expertience (VIE) is only open to candidates from the European Economic Area between 18 and 28 years old.

Position localisation

Job location

Africa, Kenya



Candidate criteria

Minimum level of education required

6-Engineer’s degree

Minimum level of experience required

Less than 2 years


English (5- Proficiency)